Refund Policy

No Refund for Subscription packages.

We have put all the important content in the public display i.e., products we dropship, web designs we create, etc., Also you can ask us any queries you have over call or Whatsapp before joining. So please subscribe our services only if you know all the details. Don’t hesitate to ask any queries you have.

Why? We provide 10x value for the fee we charge and dedicated services. So trying out our services and asking for a refund is waste of the time and effort for both of us.

However, be known that we assure you a best services and if at all you face any difficulty, we are here to fix it for you. So focus on business and growth.

Product Refunds:

Is your buyer not satisfied with the item sold? do not worry, we issue refunds by depreciating 10% on price paid for product (Packing Charge will not be refunded) .

Also we clarify that Fadu Seller Support is Authorized to make any changes in policy for better Delivery services . You’ll be notified if any changes are made.

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